Why should you consider joining SBPReports?

Last modified March 23, 2021

SBPReports is not “yet another scientific journal”. We implicate all of the cutting-edge ideas and approaches to move scientific publishing forward and bring back long-lost pleasure to writing, reviewing and editing. With this stated, we declare the following principles behind SBPReports

  • No disciplinary bonds are relevant in modern science: understanding the complex biological systems requires innovative approaches and expertise of professionals from different fields.
  • We publish fast but we remain thorough and insist on the top-grade research published with SBPReports. We provide a strict timeline for papers submitted to SBPReports: no longer than 1.5 months would pass from paper submission to paper acceptance. Initial editorial consideration would take no longer than 7 days.
  • Reviewing should be fast, reasonable and not burdensome. We developed a flexible pipeline for quick and effective paper evaluation by the reviewers. We also regulate the number of allowed changes to the manuscripts to avoid excessive and senseless reviews that irritate academics so much.
  • Economic barriers and paywalls are not accessible in science. Thus, SBPReports supports the model of Open Access publishing. Furthermore, having very reasonable article processing charges, the SBPReports publishing team declares that finances cannot be in the way of outstanding science.
  • Language should not limit science. Thus, despite English being our basic language, we also publish in Russian and plan to include Chinese in the future. This widens our readership and brings us one step closer to our global goal: making the knowledge of the complex biological systems accessible by the ones who seek it.