Yuri Artamonov

First year of open-access scientific journal publishing: our mishaps, our expectations, our plans for the bright future

In silico methods have become a versatile and effective tool for the studies of the natural phenomenon at multiple levels. However, unlike such fields as economics and physics, biology and physiology have always been slightly reluctant in acceptance of the novel systemic approaches. Since scientific articles are among the key metrics for the modern scientific society, the number of scientific journals, devoted to some topic, can be a good marker to evaluate the impact of this topic for the society. Indeed, there are esteemed journals, such as PLOS Computational Biology or Journal of Theoretical Biology, but they focus mainly on a common biological phenomenon, while questions of physiology and pathophysiology are often overlooked. On the other hand, the amount of work on computational biology is steadily growing with ~12000 works published in 2010 and ~28000 in 2020 with the keyword “computational model”, according to PubMed. With all this being said and our great experience in the different aspects of the field of computational physiology, our team has decided that it would be a mistake to lose an opportunity to cover this niche. Likewise, we, as a group of fellow scientists, at the end of 2019 decided to create our own venture and to launch our own scientific journal – Systems Biology and Physiology Reports (SBPReports) [1]. This publisher's would be an attempt to underline our first hectic year of the open access scientific publishing.

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